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  • CM Rockets Purple Heart Burr.0173
    CM Rockets Purple Heart Burr.0173

    CM Rockets

    CM Rockets is a characteristic model of our wooden glasses based on the way it has been designed and cut. Its arms have been left wider until the undercut closer to the ears. This cut allows us to show more of our exceptional wooden species that have been specified for our unique wooden eyewear.
  • CM 100 Fir Burr.0216
    CM 100 Fir Burr.0216


    We created CM100 in order to have a more casual, thinner range. Even though with thinner arms this piece of still shows the quality of wood especially in burl woods. It is very elegant with a unique shape that goes from round to oval.
  • CM 102 Jet Black Pearl.0128
    CM 102 Jet Black Pearl.0128


    Working with wood requires great skill, patience and a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Without a serious understanding of the behavioral properties of wood, it will not be possible to make anything of serious quality and longevity. Our experience in wood is clearly shown on the perfection of the cut and attention to details.
  • CM 104 Macassar Ebony.0143
    CM 104 Macassar Ebony.0143


    In our first year of manufacture, Campbell Marson 104 frames in Santos Rosewood have been shortlisted for ‘Frame of The Year’ in the 2017 Optician Awards. Since then it remains to be one our bestseller from all of our wooden eyewear.
  • CM 105 Pink Stained Figured Sycamore.0168
    CM 105 Pink Stained Figured Sycamore.0168


    The cool and chic 105s even though reference the classic glasses shape they have been sanded smoothly to create the sleek lines that create that modern touch on most of our wooden eyewear.
  • CM 106 Purple Heart Burr.0004
    CM 106 Purple Heart Burr.0004


    The CM106 is a close resemblance to the popular wayfarer frame, but we added a bit of our own creativity for our own eyewear design and this model turns to be one of best sellers. Its causality and elegance and especially the quality of the handcraft make it irreplaceable on the wooden eyewear market.
  • CM 107 Charcoal Oak.0334
    CM 107 Charcoal Oak.0334


    The classic type model CM107 is suitable for the optical and wooden sunglasses use. Beautifully executed to details, this model represents the sophisticated range of our wooden eyewear.
  • CM 108 Contemporary Grey.0348
    CM 108 Contemporary Grey.0348


    The trendy CM108 is a detail-oriented wooden glasses model. Perfectly designed and cut this model compliments our two-tone colours and species. It is a unisex model as most of our wooden sunglasses and is suitable to be used as optical eyewear aswell.
  • CM 109 Santos Rosewood.0018
    CM 109 Santos Rosewood.0018


    The classic round shape CM109 is for those who prefer the minimal frames. It also sanded smoothly to get the perfect shine from the polishing process. When our wooden glasses get polished we make sure that we use the very transparent lacquer that will not change the colour of the wood and will last as per our warranty terms.
  • CM 115 Figured Sycamore.0357
    CM 115 Figured Sycamore.0357


    The cat eye model is timeless in the eyewear fashion industry and it looks even better in our wooden species. Its beauty is emphasized when made in our two tone woods or even in our famous burls that we use for wooden sunglasses.
  • CM 116 Fir Burr.0372
    CM 116 Fir Burr.0372


    This model is a part of our latest models of wooden glasses. It was created to match a more sophisticated look and it is suitable to wear as optical or sunglasses. Our designers were playing around with our current wooden glasses and decided to thinner the arms and then the frames around the lenses which lead to this cool and casual model of our wooden eyewear.
  • CM 121 Walnut QC.0106
    CM 121 Walnut QC.0106


    The futuristic square shape of CM121 is one of a kind. We decided to have something different from most of wooden glasses and kept the straight cut over the nose bridge. It is available on all of wooden species, but looks especially appealing on the quarter cut or engineered woods.