A rather special endorsement
Wednesday, 01 March 2017

We know our customers and opticians love our frames, but we also know it’s incredibly important to get some kind of endorsement by all the glazing labs. After all, if the glazing labs won’t glaze them, the opticians won’t buy them and our customers won’t see them.

JR Laboratories in Cheltenham said ‘ Sorry, we refuse to glaze wooden frames as they break too easily. We won’t take the chance. We’ve had nothing but trouble with them.

So, we sent them a pair of our frames to glaze and told them to be as rough as possible. This was the response we got from Ifor Jones sales director:

‘Wow. These are quite simply the best wooden frames I’ve ever seen. They are of unbelievable quality, incredibly robust and super easy to glaze. I have seen every wooden frame manufacturer in the world and these are without question in a complete league of their own. This really should be a game changer for opticians in the UK. If they have any queries or concerns about your frames, tell them to call us.

This kind of endorsement is a step forward to educating our UK opticians that wooden frames are now of the right quality for them not to be concerned about wooden framed glasses anymore.