About US

Hello, We are Campbell Marson.
Established 1924 – London.


Since 1924, Campbell Marson have been associated with fine hand made wooden flooring, and have installed wooden floors into some of the most prestigious homes and royal palaces throughout the world.

With a history in wood going back over 90 years, our passion and expertise is unrivaled. Our wooden floors are now made by our sister company Turgon, who continue our tradition of exquisite wooden flooring

Working with some of the world’s leading designers and architects, we have always had the pleasure of being involved with creative ideas, and it was working in this environment that led us to develop some of the finest wooden eyewear ever made.

Our designers and cabinet makers have worked together to push the boundaries of engineering to the limits in order to create the ultimate in fashion and style. We use some of the rarest and most exclusive woods on earth, which we source from around the globe, creating some of the most unusual designs ever seen in wood.

Our precision wooden eyewear is virtually all handmade, and the finishing process alone can take days. We also splice our own veneers creating styles never seen before in wooden glasses design and manufacture.

We are Campbell Marson, and we are unique.

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