Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are Campbell Marson glasses made ?

We have our own workshops in London and in Hungary. All our glasses are designed produced and crafted by our own team of designers engineers and cabinet makers. It takes a highly skilled dedicated team to produce glasses to Campbell Marson standards.

2. What are the frames made of ?

All our frames are made of wood which are ethically sourced from around the globe.  We offer a huge range of exotic species, some of which are incredibly rare, unique and hard to source. Having been in the wood business for over 90 years we have amassed a huge range of suppliers who are able to deliver the most incredible unusual and exotic woods.

3. Do you offer custom made wooden frames ?

Having our own design and production team we are able to offer custom made glasses  to the client specification. For more information on how to order a custom made pair of frames please call.

4. Are CM glasses waterproof?

Yes, they are. All of our products are sealed and lacquered in either matt or gloss and they are water resistant.

5. How are your frames made?

All our frames are assembled and finished by hand. The only machine process is the CNC milling for the cutting of the frames themselves. They are machined to extraordinary tolerances and accuracy, making lens fitting relatively simple. They are made from veneers of wood and are extremely strong, unlike solid wooden frames which can break quite easily.

6. Do you offer a glazing service?

Yes. If you would prefer us to do the glazing for you, just forward your prescription and we will be happy to quote. Your frames and lenses will then of course be fully guaranteed.

If you prefer you can call our technical team who will guide you through the process.

7. Can I have prescription sunglasses?

Yes you can. This may depend on the frames and the angle of the curve but we can normally do most of them. Always best to call.

8. How easy are the frames to glaze?

Yes, they can be adjusted with gentle heating. The sides can be manipulated for better comfort, although our  wooden glasses hardly need adjusting. However should the sides  need adjusting then your optician will be able to do this for you.

9. How easy are the frames to glaze?

Our frames are incredibly easy to glaze using a simple cold glaze method. They simply push in from the front without any other equipment or procedures.Our moulds are made in either base curve 3 or base curve 5 and there should be no problem glazing up to – or + 8.

10. When can I expect my glasses to arrive after placing the order ?

Because we offer such a large range, we dont keep stock of frames. Your order will be processed immediately and you will be informed at all stages on how the manufacturing process is going. You can usually expect your frames within 2 to 4 weeks.

11. What is the return policy ?

We are always happy to exchange frames that you feel are not right for your store. However, this will have to be discussed direct with your Camp ell Marson representative.