Do You Look Sexier In Glasses?
Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Yes you do. And it’s as simple as that.

It’s also the reason you hardly ever see pop stars without their super mirrorized mega shades, even in those dark winter months. And it’s not just about sun glasses either. There’s something sophisticated about wearing the right type of glasses that makes you feel, well, just cool, smart, clever and far sexier than normal, especially if you’re really a dummy and everybody knows you are. Take your average Essex TV reality star blonde. Normally she’ll look as daft as a brush, but stick her in a pair of nice oversized glasses, and suddenly she’ll look like a cross between a maths professor and a porn queen. Trust me, I’m a man. I know how it works. Ultimately though, it’s all about how you feel, and if you feel good in your glasses, you’ll feel sexier. And like it or not, that’s what its all about, because in today’s world, clever is sexy. No longer is the muscle bound gorilla who spends hours of his daily life pumping himself up till he explodes sexy. The geek with his statement glasses has taken over as the man of choice. Oh, and he’s also seen as richer, which is a far more dazzling attribute for any woman than super muscles.

Recently I gave a pair of our Cambell Marson Lite frames to my friends secretary as a gift for her birthday. It was also a bet with my friend who said that whatever I stuck on her face she would still look like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Fat sexist pig I thought to myself. His secretary doesn’t actually wear glasses, but the next she came into the office sporting a nice summer dress, heels and her Campbell Marson 104 Lites. She arrived with just the look I had imagined. Maths professor come porn queen. So if anybody wants to take me up the glasses challenge with a pair of Campbell Marson frames and their secretary, give me a call. On second thoughts don’t bother. I don’t want to be the protagonist in a marriage breakup. But this obsession with the so called branded frames is just something I’ve never understood. I guess it’s for people who want to play it safe, and it’s for that reason these humanoids just never shine in their eye wear. I guess it’s also the same for pop stars who insist on wearing Ray Bans.
Why ? Not that there’s anything wrong with Ray Ban of course, it’s a great brand, but if you’re a pop star surely you want to make a statement, especially with your glasses. Its the pathway to all that sex appeal that’s lurking behind the lenses. After all it’s all about eye contact, and personally I think optical frames can be far sexier than sun lenses.

So what’s special about our Campbell Marson Frames? Well, they are all made from wood, and along with our sister company Turgon London, we’ve put together a selection of some of the finest and rarest woods on earth. We’ve also made them sexy stylish and unique. In fact every single frame is unique as no two pairs can ever be the same, unless of course you can grow
your own trees to some kind of genetic formula. They’re super lightweight, super comfortable, super easy to glaze, and if you decide to go for one one of our exotic woods like Purple Heart Burr, you really wont have to do much before you start purring like a kitten, assuming of course you’re all woman. And if you’re not, try a pair of our CM 106’s made from historic oak, officially dated at approx 3000 BC. Just think of all the action that went on behind trees all those years ago, with couples in loin cloths. OK they didn’t wear glasses 5000 years ago, but its the story that’s connected with each selection of wood veneer behind our Campbell Marson frames that’s makes them so unique.

I wonder if men had secretaries 5000 years ago.