How natural materials are making a statement in fashion
Thursday, 29 June 2017

Natural materials can now be found on catwalks, red carpets and high-street stores. That means accessories, couture, eye and wristwear can be both sustainable and beautiful. It might surprise you to discover some of the materials making it big in design and innovation. As manufacturers of ethically sourced wooden frames, Campbell Marson have always backed wood as an alternative to synthetics. But why are natural fibres so popular and will they be a trend that lasts?

Although a slow grower in a world of fast fashion, sustainability as an issue has helped it develop into a mainstay in our consciousness. The need to not only look good but feel good means consumers seek out goods with a purpose and a story. Materials such as banana stems, hemp, bamboo, pineapple and eucalyptus fibres are now widely used in the production of fashion, allowing wearers to enjoy the benefits of both improved comfort and peace of mind.

Wearing clothes or accessories that are sustainable, ecological, vegan or cruelty-free has hit the headlines as celebrities both wear and advocate for it. Emma Watson, a UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, promotes ethical and fair-trade standards as part of her work and her personal values. Livia Firth famously re-wears red carpet outfits, enhancing awareness of the need to cut back on waste and turn away from fast fashion.

Innovation from designers means that materials, such as wood, can be used in a more open and flexible way. Cork and wood which is sewable are used in handbags and jewellery. Natural materials have their own unique characteristics, and in wood, a truly unique material means no two pieces can ever be alike.

From the sketchbook to the factory to the shop floor, global awareness of the benefits of natural fibres means that this trend will last, not just in the public eye but in your wardrobe!

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