Wood Species

Black and White Stripe

Black and White wood is something that we have created in our workshop. Our manufacturing Engineer has been able to create the black and white wood lines while using two different wood veneers. The wood has then been finished in a transparent lacquer in order to keep the original colour difference.


Ebony is a very dense wood which contributes to its commercial appeal, as it results in a finish that will take a high polish, adding to its beauty. The most expensive concert pianos are still made with ebony. It is very desirable wood for carving and fine art works. It is mostly grown on warm places such as India and African countries.

Golden Madrone

Madrone is a very unique tree as it grows on Rocky areas. Therefore it is very expensive because of the the difficulties to get this very hardwood. It is known for high end wood works such as Bass and Electric guitars. It is an easily turning wood and it takes stains and finishes very well.


Found in Brazilian rain forests, Imbuya has recently been well protected, which makes this tree special and expensive. It has a standing out pattern, with an unusual burl and colours. It is used for high end wood works such as jewellery. Perfect for gloss finishes.


This exotic, beautiful wood is known for its red richness colour. It is the most famous African wood species but also grown in India and even in America. It is very strong and it can be smoothly sanded with glossy finishes. Beside its use on first class crafts and furniture, The leaves of some padauk species provide protein in human diets as a substitute for green vegetables.

Purple Heart Burr

Found in Central and South America, this exotic wood is a worldwide favorite. Its wide variety of use can be from practical to sublime. It is preferred in sculpture and skiing sets on the same time. Lots of names have been used for this special striking purple, violet coloured wood. Purpleheart has high bending and crushing strength and stiffness with medium resistance to shock loads.

Santos Rosewood

Santos Rosewood is considered to be among the most beautiful of all woods. Its colour can vary from red to orange to yellow to blue and you have different looks due to varied grain patters from tree to tree, which gives this species so much character. It grows in South America and has been used for centuries as one of the oldest wood in architectural crafts.


One of the most famous species in wood industry, walnut is common grown all around the world. It has got a rich colour which makes it one of the most valued domestic lumbers. The heartwood of the tree ranges from dark tan to a deep chocolate brown, sometimes with streaks of purple and green hues. It is a very stable strong wood and it can be cut and sanded easy and evenly and finishes nicely.

Walnut Burr

It is considered to be the most attractive variety of walnut, as it has a special colour and curls. Used for high end furniture and wood designs, this veneer is mostly taken from the roots of the trees. It looks perfect in glossy finishes even though the lightening process can take months and even years to be achieved.


Wenge is an African grown wood and known to be strong and heavy. As most of the exotic woods it is selected for its dark colour and dramatic appearance. Wenge is straight grained, and very coarse textured and and takes the finish easily. Used for crafts and artistic purposes.